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Lafayette Eye Associates has recently renovated its medical office and purchased all new equipment in order to stay ahead of the curve with respect to our technology. Currently, our doctors utilize a host of advanced diagnostic technologies in order to diagnose and more effectively manage your eye health.

Visual Field

At Lafayette Eye Associates, we use an advanced and automated piece of testing equipment to perform tests that measure the entire area of peripheral vision that can be seen while the eye is focused on a single central point. During this test, lights of varying intensities appear in different parts of the visual field while the eye is focused on a certain spot. The perception of these lights is charted and then compared to results of a healthy eye at the same age of the patient in order to determine if any damage has occurred. This procedure is performed quickly in about 15 minutes, and is effective in diagnosing and monitoring the progress of glaucoma. Our system is proven to detect signs of glaucoma-related vision loss earlier than other tests and even indicates the likely progression of visual field changes. Patients with glaucoma will often undergo this test on a regular basis in order to determine how quickly the disease is progressing. In addition to being used for glaucoma and glaucoma suspect patients, our advanced visual field equipment is also a powerful tool that helps us detect conditions within the optic nerve of the eye and certain neurological conditions as well.patient's eye is focused on a certain spot. The perception of these lights is charted and then compared to results of a healthy eye at the same age of the patient in order to determine if any damage.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Did you know that an OCT is an advanced tool that is very helpful for the early detection of many eye disorders and systemic health diseases? Lafayette Eye Associates leverages the latest technology to help us evaluate components of the anterior segment of the eye. Our OCT is essentially an ultrasound of your eye that utilizes cutting edge light technologies instead of sound or radio frequency waves to non-invasively create high resolution three dimensional images of the eye, enabling our doctors to best diagnose and manage eye conditions related to retina, cornea and glaucoma. The sophisticated equipment produces cross-section images of the retina, which is the lining on the back of your eye. Our OCT technology empowers us to detect early signs of many serious systemic health conditions and other retinal conditions, many of which can progress rapidly before they even begin to effect your vision, and only takes between ten and twenty minutes to conduct.

Computer Assisted Refraction System

Our exam rooms are equipped with the latest technology in computer assisted refraction. Our doctors are able to refract your eyes from a small desktop keypad, allowing our patients to easily compare unaided vision with a variety of corrective prescriptions until ultimately arriving at the final best correction.

Retinal Camera

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Slit Lamp Photography

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