Contact Lenses

How Can We Help You with Contact Lenses?

No two fingerprints are exactly alike and the same is true for your eyes and the doctors at Lafayette Eye Associates have had great success fitting even the most difficult to fit patients with a variety of different lens types. With one of the largest collections of contact lens fitting sets for soft contact lenses, toric (astigmatic) contact lenses, color contact lenses, multifocal contact lenses, rigid gas permeable contact lenses and even keratoconic and scleral contact lenses, we have lenses for nearly every kind of eye, lifestyle and budget. We carry lenses that encompass the latest technology and the best brands including Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, CIBA Vision and CooperVision. Our doctors take great pride in knowing that we design and fit the most advanced, up-to-date contact lenses available. The FDA considers contact lenses a medical device and by law a contact lens prescription is valid for no more than one year.

Customized Contact Lens Evaluations and Fittings

From the most complex patients with serious corneal problems to the young, school-aged patients who need help seeing the front of the classroom, our doctors take pride in their ability to fit patients safely and accurately using only the finest contact lens designs and materials. Committed to taking the time to assess your individual visual needs, your desires, and your ocular health and fit you in the most appropriate and comfortable contact lenses, we have successfully helped many patients who had been unsuccessful in the past or who had previously been told they were not a contact lens candidate. Whether you would like to wear contact lenses for convenience and a glasses-free look, or for a medical condition like keratoconus, our skilled doctors can select and/or design the right contact lenses for you.

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