Scleral & Custom Contacts

In response to a growing medical demand, our office offers unique, customized scleral and hybrid lenses to treat a variety of eye conditions which are uncorrectable with conventional soft or hard lenses. Patients with ocular anomalies, such as aphakia, keratoconus, trauma, chronic dry eye, corneal ectasia, and even amblyopia now have the option to achieve functional vision.

Scleral lenses are in fact a medical, therapeutic device that can be fitted to virtually any eye shape and for any degree of visual error while allowing the diseased cornea to heal. This highly oxygen permeable polymer lens vaults over the compromised eye and allows a liquid reservoir to fill any surface or optical irregularities. Subsequently, the fluid beneath the lens also provides oxygen to the cornea allowing the compromised eye to heal. As a result, a smooth optical surface replaces initial distortion for an often dramatic increase in visual acuity.

Lafayette Eye's custom designed hybrid lenses are among the first FDA approved hybrid contact lens specifically designed for patients with irregularly shaped corneas due to refractive surgery or keratoconus. Often, patients with history of corneal surgery are intolerant to prolonged hours of RGP lenses. This is commonly due to the friction of conventional RGP lens with the compromised cornea or an improper fit. Our hybrid lenses are designed to fit on any irregularities while allowing added comfort and stability for maximum vision.

In addition, our OCT technology is leveraged to assist with the custom design of each lens. This cutting edge technology is particularly beneficial in the treatment and management of retinal disease, glaucoma, anterior chamber pathologies and corneal opacities.

For any questions or concerns about our specialty lenses, please do not hesitate to contact our office for further information at (610) 825-3937. We greatly appreciate your time and look forward to working with you in near future.