Eyeglass Lenses


All eyeglass lenses are not the same. Lafayette Eye Associates has lenses for every prescription, condition, lifestyle and budget. Lenses come in a variety of materials, thicknesses, weights, coatings and designs. Whether you are looking for single vision, bi-focals, progressives, light sensitive photochromic, scratch and dirt resistant, ultra lightweight high-index or lenses designed for special conditions (such as working at a computer or workstation all day), Lafayette Eye Associates has something for you.

Lens Material

Lenses come in a variety of different materials.

  • Glass Lenses: One of the older materials that is seldomly used at this point in time are glass lenses due to the fact that they are very heavy in weight and not widely produced.
  • Plastic Lenses: The next lens type that came into production is known as CR-39, or plastic lenses.

  • Specialty Polycarbonate Lenses: Advances in manufacturing capabilities and synthetic specialty material production have yielded a new type of specialty lenses called polycarbonate which are lighter weight and allow for enhanced UV protection and greater impact resistance. As a result of these material characteristics, polycarbonate lenses are required by law for all eyeglass lenses worn by minors (under the age of 18). Furthermore, these specialty lenses are often required by certain prescriptions, frame selections and medical necessity.

  • High Index: Specialty lenses are available in thinner and lighter materials, broadly referred to as high index lenses.

Lafayette Eye Associates has access to the latest lens technologies, enabling us to fit the most challenging prescriptions while maintaining superior optical quality, comfort and great flexibility in frame selection.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses enable you to naturally see at all ranges covering distance, mid-range, at near and everything in between. Many people think of progressive lenses as bifocal lenses without "the line." This thinking is accurate only in that progressive lenses do help people see at near and at distance, but they also greatly enhance ones ability to see everything in between where we focus our eyes for a substantial part of the day. To learn more about progressive lenses, click here.

Specialty Coatings

There are a few different coatings available to make your eyeglasses into the most comfortable, enjoyable and clear vision eye wear that you have ever experienced. At Lafayette Eye Associates, we have a variety of different coatings available covering the full spectrum of options including Crizal which you may have heard of on the radio or seen on television or in a magazine. Anti-reflective, blue light blocking and anti-scratch coatings in particular are highly recommended by our doctors to maximize vision and minimize digital eye strain.

Occupational Lenses

Everyone has different needs for their glasses and you may have a need for just computer specific glasses. Specifically designed lenses are available to minimize the effects of eye fatigue, dry eyes, and neck pain caused by working at the computer. A set of lenses with a broader, clearer viewing zone that is larger than conventional eyeglass lenses can be very helpful to those working at a desk all day or who perform most of their work functions at near. More information about occupational lenses coming soon!

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